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Computer Lessons

Clem Thoennes has taught lessons on a number of computer related subjects to our members. Many of these lessons are on web sites and are available to our members.

EMAILCAT_sm.GIF (5175 bytes)Favorite Web Site Links

Members may recommend adding a favorite link to our favorite links page. A link gets added to this page by the member bringing their recommendation to a meeting and presenting it to the other members. These links will remain on our favorite links page until the end of the year. At that time, we will start fresh with new links.

Supporters of Our Club

Our computer club encourages outside individuals and business people to support our club. This support can be through making presentations, teaching classes, etc.  As a courtesy to these individuals and their businesses, we are making this page available to show our appreciation. This support page will contain the business address, e-mail address and web site of those supporting us.

Adult Computer Classes

These computer classes are sponsored by Georgetown Adult Community Education. The instructor is Sue Dzuris M.Ed., WES Technology Specialist. Classes are held at the Waccamaw Elementary School in Pawleys Island. For questions about the classes call Adult Education at 546-0219 or Sue Dzuris at 237-4233. The classes page contains the latest class schedules, fees and a brief description.

 This page was last updated on 08/22/02