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I hope everyone is enjoying are warm South Carolina summer!

Meetings will resume again in September.

  • The Regular Meeting on September 9th.

  • No Genealogy SIG Meeting until October.

  • Photo SIG Meeting on September 13th.

  • Web Design SIG Meeting on September 16th.

Stay Posted for meeting topics.

The Waccamaw Neck Computer Club holds all meetings at the Waccamaw Neck Branch of the Georgetown Library. The Regular Monthly Meeting is always the Second Monday of each month at 9:30 am. Due to Library availability, the Fundamentals and Special Interest Group Meeting days and times will vary. The schedules will be announced at the regular meetings and will be available below as soon as the meetings are scheduled.

Months August September October
Fundamentals Meeting Meetings have been completed for this year. They will start again in January 2003. Meetings have been completed for this year. They will start again in January 2003. Meetings have been completed for this year. They will start again in January 2003.
Genealogy SIG Meeting Meetings will resume in October. Meetings will resume in October. TBD
Photography SIG Meeting Meetings will resume in September. Friday, 13th
9:30 AM

Friday, 18th
9:30 AM

Web Design SIG Meeting Meetings will resume in September. Monday, 16th
9:30 AM

 Monday, 21st
9:30 AM


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June Regular Monthly Meeting -

Joe Mezzacappa made a presentation on FREEWARE. He recommended Pricelessware ( as the website to use to locate reliable freeware. This site has many of its members reviewing the freeware and recommending what they consider to be the best. Joe demonstrated three very sophisticated software programs obtained from Pricelessware:

  • TClockex - a replacement for the windows clock with a calendar feature.

  • Power Desk - a replacement for windows explorer with a viewer function and unique ways of handling zip files.  

  • Yankee Clipper III - a replacement clipboard to the windows clipboard with the ability to save multiple clips and easily import them into documents.

These are all very full function programs and are a good indication of the kind of freeware that can be obtained from the internet. For more information on Joe's presentation and for a list of other freeware, see the June Monthly Meeting minutes.


Prior Meeting Picture

WNCC011402.JPG (44237 bytes)

Picture taken by Bob Pelletier


The agenda for our future meetings is:

Summer Months -

As decided by the members at the June meeting, there will be NO regular meetings scheduled during the summer months. The next regular meeting will be September 9th.

The two subjects of interest for upcoming meetings are Databases (most of the members have or are interested in MS Access) and Newsgroups. If you have any suggestions for meeting topics, please send them to I Suggest A Meeting Topic. Keep posted to this website for details on future meetings.

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