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WNCC Meeting Minutes

November 12, 2001 Meeting

Jack Harrigan opened the meeting at 9:30a.m. There were 57 members in
attendance. Welcome to our new members.

October minutes were approved as distributed.

The members of three committees were recognized: 1) The Constitution/Bylaws   Committee consisting of Charlie Ferguson, Bo Long, Aaron Willis, Rosalie Spaniel, John Wyckoff, Jack Harrigan and Marlene Lazzara, 2) The Nomination
Committee of Rosalie Spaniel, Tom MacDonnell and Marlene Lazzara, 3) the SIG
committee of Clem Thoennes, Tom Donnelly, Bucky Snider, John Eveleigh, Rich
Freed, Jack Harrigan and John Wyckoff.

The work of the Constitution/Bylaws Committee resulted in a decision to have
the Constitution and Bylaws be voted upon at this meeting, and for the
election for officers to be held during todayıs meeting, pending approval of
the Constitution and Bylaws. Jack requested a vote by acclamation; the
members voted to approve the Constitution and Bylaws as established by the

Marlene Lazzara introduced the slate of nominees for Officers and the Board
of Directors: John Wyckoff for President, Jack Harrigan for Vice-President,
Leroy (Skip) Burnside for Secretary/Treasurer, Barbara Horton for a one-year
term on the Board of Directors.

Jack asked for nominations from the floor. There being none, he asked for a
vote by acclamation. The slate of nominees presented was accepted by the
members. Congratulations to our new officers: John Wyckoff, President; Jack
Harrigan, Vice-President; Leroy (Skip) Burnside, Secretary/Treasurer;
Barbara Horton, Director.

Jack announced the formation of three SIGs: Genealogy to be chaired by John
Eveleigh, Clem Thoennes will chair the Web publishing SIG, we need a member
to chair the Digital Cameras SIG. Please consider volunteering for this
popular SIG.

Mel Smart presented the Linksys system of home networking transmitters and
receivers. He uses Linksys to network three computers at his home. Features
of the system include:

* files can be shared among a virtually limitless number of home PCs
* shared Internet connection enables simultaneous Internet access
* printer sharing is allowed
* all computers can be backed up
* it is economical--do not need a second phone line

Mel also described the Net2Phone system he uses which provides a free
computer-to- phone connection. Note: you need an earphone mike to prevent
feedback. For details, see Net2Phone.com.

Mel described the process he used to get the system working satisfactorily.
He shared some of the pitfalls/ problems he encountered. One caveat:
uninstall extensions, e.g, printer drivers, antivirus software, firewall, cd
creator before installing Linksys. Because the process for successful
installation of the system is lengthy and not without pitfalls, Mel has
volunteered to be a resource if you are interested in doing this. E-mail him
at MelSmart@aol.com. He will also ask John Wyckoff to post the steps in the
process he used on our website, http://wnccsc.tripod.com/

Debbie Myers, Janice Metz and Lauren La Mora from Coastal Federal described
features of pc banking. With 24 hour access, you can confidentially and
securely retrieve information and complete transactions between your
accounts any time, any day. With pc banking you can:
* check your current bank balance and your CD/IRA balances
* view your deposits, cleared checks, ATM withdrawals, transfers and other
* transfer funds to other linked accounts
* download your account data into your personal finance program
For more information, e-mail Debbie Myers at debbie.myers@coastalfederal.com.

Bob Pelletier uses a software package he got from BankOne that he has loaded
onto his computer to access his bank account with no fees. This differs from
pc banking described by Debbie Myers which allows Internet access to your
bank for a one-time $10 fee. There is a $7.95 monthly Bill Payment fee.
Check with your bank for the fee schedule.

Discussion and questions:
Dialpad.com allows you to significantly reduce your monthly long distance
telephone bill.

PalTalk.com offers a wide range of features that allow users to communicate
with each other anywhere in the world at any time - all for FREE.

Cnet.com has a feature called "CatchUp" which automatically finds what you
need to keep your PC up-to-date.

To keep our meetings interesting, please e-mail John Wyckoff
johnw@sc.rr.com, Jack Harrigan jharrigan@sc.rr.com, or Marlene Lazzara
beachbums@sc.rr.com with suggestions for topics and speakers. Please include
contact numbers, i.e., phone numbers and/or e-mail addresses.

How can a used pc be donated? To donate your old computer, uninstall
applications and files to clear the pc of your data. Local charities,
schools, churches may accept used computers.

How to transfer an address book from AOL to other ISP? Use Copy/Paste

Problem with XP: should be able to access Earthlink but Internet Explorer
appears. Can we get XP users as resources?

How to download digital camera drivers? Go to the manufacturer's website,
look for particular hardware, follow links for download. This will appear on
your desktop--be sure to assign a file/folder for this to go. Open the file
up and it will automatically be installed on your pc.

Meeting adjourned at 11:05a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Marlene Lazzara

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