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March 11, 2002 Meeting

March meeting of the WNCC called to order by President John Wyckoff on Monday March 11th at 9:30AM, in the meeting room of the Georgetown County library/Waccamaw Neck Branch. Minutes of the club's February meeting accepted as distributed to all club members as E-mail via the club's Web Site.

Review of Special Interest Group (SIG's') monthly meeting times.
Photography, Friday following the regular monthly meeting-- 9:AM start. March topic-using a scanner,scanning
pictures,negatives,and slides. Genealogy,Wednesday following the regular monthly meeting--10AM Web Design, third Monday of each month--9:30AM Fundamentals, Fourth Monday of each month--9:30AM. File management is the topic. Review this subject/lesson on line-- Using clubWeb site link.

All SIG meetings held in the library meeting room, unless otherwise noted. Need a Chairman for the Web Design SIG. Temporary (only) chairman John Wyckoff , will host March meeting on Monday the18th, 9:30AM start. John also leads the Photo SIG and cannot be in charge of both groups--time constraints-- so we need a member to step forward so this group can continue. Please consider helping your club.

Technical Forum link on the clubs web site--Is it not being used because:
1. You don't have any technical questions, hardware or software related?
2. As a member you don't know how to use the forum?
3.Your embarrassed to ask questions for fear of being stupid?

As a test--all active members are asked to post a computer related technical question this month, mark it as a
test question. Next reply to your own question/message. The club's Forum administrator will delete all test question/reply entries. Based on the number of test questions posed, an E-mail message will be sent to all other club members- requesting a test question. Purpose to encourage member interest/participation in the forum. Need member input--April meeting.

Our guest speaker and club member, is Mr.Ralph Bartlett, a CPA specializing in income tax preparation. If you received a $600.00 check last year, disregard it, don't figure it in to any 2001 tax return. It's your own money. Tax law changes passed in 2001, most become effective in year 2003. Alternate minimum tax (AMT) applies only to very high income tax payers. Considering using Turbo Tax? A very important step is to do and complete the interview, answer every question, if not creates an incomplete return. When file electronically, Turbo Tax/Intuit servers review all returns before forwarding them to the IRS for processing. Free AARP tax assistance,with Ralph is available to any senior 60 and older. $60,000.00 in gross income is the guideline. No schedule C returns. Tuesday afternoons at the library meeting room.

Ralph recommended three websites. http://www.Belarc.com - a free service, has the capability of going into your computer and inventorying everything, software and hardware. You can then print out that inventory and know, for example, what video card your computer is using , what the speed of your CPU is, how megs of RAM in your memory. All necessary information should you need the services of a repair person. http://www.Protonic.com. Highly skilled volunteers answer software and hardware related problems. E-mail to web site, manager assigns a specialist to your problem who works with you until problem is solved. It's international and it's free. Also, http://www.webopedia.com which is a huge dictionary of computer terms, such as bye megabyte, ram, networking where you insert the word or term and you get back a very good definition of the term or word that you have asked for.

April meeting Monday the 8th. Entire agenda will be a question & answer session on any computer related topic.

With apologies for being so late, Skip Burnside Secretary.

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