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WNCC Meeting Minutes

March 12, 2001 Meeting

Eighteen members attended the meeting which began at 9:30 a.m. at the
Waccamaw Library.

Jack Harrigan opened the meeting. The meetings will continue to have a
theme, with time at the end of the featured presentation for
questions/answers. We will be using the lcd projector, loaned to us by the
Library, each month.

Minutes. Marlene Lazzara corrected last month's minutes. Esther Wyckoff's
name was incorrectly given as "Claudia Wyckoff." Please let Marlene know if
you are interested in taking minutes.

Review. Clem Thoennes said he will moderate the question/answer period and
encouraged the members to answer questions if they can, making the meetings
more interactive. He began his presentation by reviewing what we've covered
so far: bookmarking, parts of a computer, managing files, care of the
computer. He reminded us to Defrag our computer periodically to remove
temporary files which use up memory. His bookmarks will stay on the Net.
Please let him know of changes and he will continue to update his pages.

E-mail. Clem used Outlook Express for discussion purposes; however, most
e-mail programs have a similar structure. Clem covered the following:

Address books

Highlights of his presentation include:

E-mail courtesy. Please do not include all addresses when forwarding a
message. It is much better to forward only the text of the message. He also
suggested we send blind copies when sending messages to a group.
These tips help ensure e-mail addresses remain private.

Attachments. Clem suggested we not open any attachment that comes from
an unknown sender, especially those that end in .exe which indicates an
executable program. It is impossible to know exactly what this program will
execute; it may corrupt your system. He also suggested we not send large
attachments since they take a long time to download and slow the computer.

Groups. Organize your address file into groups to maintain privacy and
to eliminate doubling your addresses if respondents belong to more than
one list.

Deleting messages. Use Preferences to set up your mail program to
automatically delete received and sent messages periodically (Clem
recommends every seven days).

Question/answer period. Ann Golden is having a problem installing new
software. One suggestion: not enough RAM; one way to check this is to go to
My computer-->Properties-->System resources. This should be above 50%. One
quick solution: turn computer off, then turn on. If still unable to install,
there may be too many programs automatically loading on startup. It was
suggested Ann ask for help it she is still unable to load the software. May
be a Windows problem.

Next meeting will be Monday, April 9, 9:30 at the Waccamaw Library. Agenda
topic: Web page construction. Clem will e-mail members with several
different programs that allow users to create a personal webpage. Please
e-mail him to let him know if you have any of these programs. Your response
will help Clem plan next month's meeting.

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