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January 14, 2002 Meeting

Held Monday January 14th in the meeting room of the Georgetown County Library, Waccamaw Neck Branch, 38 members in attendance. Welcomed at 9:30 AM by President John Wyckoff. Other officers for 2002 are Jack Harrigan, Vice President, Skip Burnside Treasurer & Recording Secretary and Barbara Horton, Board Member.

Review of Special Interest Groups (SIG) agendas. Note Photo SIG meeting changed from Thursday 1/17 to Friday 1/18, library meeting room, 9:00AM, also computer fundamentals class will be held at the library meeting room on Monday 1/28 at 9:30AM,hosted by Clem Thoennes. Topics--bookmarking, browsers and subjects for future fundamentals classes. .

Today's program, a presentation by John Wyckoff on Financial & Income Tax software. Demo of Quicken 2002 Deluxe ($49.95) and Turbo Tax 2002 ($49.95) Both are possibility available with a rebate. Also offered are Microsoft Money and H&R Block's Tax Cut. Explained the Intuit software only because John uses it for financial record keeping and income tax preparation. The Quicken program offers a very complete list of personal financial services from billing, reconciling various accounts, both check and credit card, budgets, brokerage, investment tracking and reports. All are easy to follow. If interested it was suggested to purchase the deluxe editions, because they are more inclusive, a better value for the money. However, due to form and law changes an updated Turbo Tax is purchased every year. Both programs are secure because they are self contained in your own PC. The tax preparation software uses an interview format, asks questions, you answer and supply data on a step by step basis to prepare and complete a Federal and a 1 State return. Tax program can be updated by downloading any changes that apply to the current year. Changes are supplied by Intuit. An idea, after completing the 2001 returns set up a second return titled "2002 estimate" and use it to estimate your taxes for the current year. The estimate can be periodically updated as events change your tax liability. Web Site Reference for all Federal Tax Forms & Publications: http://www.irs.gov/forms_pubs/index.html and for SC http://sctax.org/frames/framefast.html

There has not been much activity on the Technical Forum on the WNCC web site. This is a vehicle to exchange information and have your computer related questions and problems answered. Give it a try, log on and learn.

Web site recommendation from club member: http://www.seniornet.org information on senior's issues--it's free.

February meeting; Larry Michalec, Vice President, High Speed Data Services, Time Warner will be the clubs guest speaker. His presentation will provide a "Birds Eye View" of Current & Future Internet Service Developments which will include data on satellite (DSL) versus cable connections as well as a discussion of what's coming technologically. VP Jack Harrigan will host the February meeting.

Submitted 1/19/2002 Skip Burnside.

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