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WNCC Meeting Minutes

December 10, 2001 Meeting

John Wyckoff opened the meeting at 9:30a.m. There were 47 members in
attendance. Welcome to our new members.

John described the process and resources the Club will be using in 2002 to address needs of both beginning and experienced users.

Fundamentals classes
The WNCC will sponsor introductory classes. Classes will include those that Clem Thoennes has developed and has on the internet:

*    Bookmarking
*    Part of a PC
*    Care of the Computer
*    Managing Files
*    E-mail Help & Tips

Clem will act as the primary instructor for these classes. The Club is looking for a backup for Clem. If you would be interested in helping to teach these courses, please contact Clem or John. Classes will continue as long as there is interest in them. These can be found at our website by clicking on the link "Lessons". http://wnccsc.tripod.com

Online Forum
Our website will sponsor a forum to address questions relating to computers and the Internet only. This will take the form of a question/answer format. Any member can post a question to the forum by filling out a simple form online. Other members are asked to respond to the query if they have information to share. A moderator will ensure the questions are appropriate and the answers are correct. John said there are no guarantees the questions will be answered or that the answers will be correct. However, this should enlarge our knowledge base about computer and is an attempt to meet our goal of having fun with computers.

WNCC Members Technology Assistance
*    Waccamaw Elementary School Computer Classes sponsored by the Georgetown Adult and Community Education -- Sue Dzuris will teach these. Classes are $10 and information about them will be posted on our website.
*    Litchfield Exchange. John will talk to Linda Ketron about the computer classes at the Exchange. Jack Crawford teaches these.
*    Horry/Georgetown Technical College
*    Member recommended resources will be posted on our website
*    Consultants. Bucky Snider, one of our members, is a consultant with Edgar Snider and Associates.

John demonstrated how the Forum works. Rich Freed has agreed to be the Forum Administrator. He can be contacted through the Organization page on our website. When submitting a question to the forum, please be as descriptive as possible on the subject line, e.g., Microsoft Word formatting. Questions/responses will remain on the website, posted by currency.

Three Special Interest Groups

The Club will offer the three Special Interest Groups. These are the Special Interest groups that the survey members filled out several months ago clearly indicate will elicit the most interest. These are:

*    Web Design - Clem Thoennes, Chairman
*    Genealogy - John Eveleigh, Chairman
*    Photography - John Wyckoff, Chairman

Sign up sheets were available at the meeting. If you didn't sign up there, you may contact the chairman through the Special Interest Group page on our website.

Clem described how he envisions the Web Design SIG. This will cover how to use photos, text, music to design a personal webpage. Questions discussed will include software, copyright, how to post to a website. Clem said this is not for teaching Web Design but a forum to share questions and support via a group e-mail. If there is a large interest in any topic, Clem will set up a meeting. He had a sign-up sheet or can be reached through the Special Interest Group page on our website. Clem will e-mail interested members in January.

John described the Genealogy SIG as a way to share useful sites, software, and sharing of the process. He said to "do" genealogy one must travel to sites. The pc is a useful tool for searching. John will set up a meeting in January to set the direction of this SIG. He had a sign-up sheet or can be reached through the Special Interest Group page on our website.

John said the purpose of the Photography SIG is to share new products, experiences, equipment, problems, ideas, etc. There will be an initial meeting in January to set direction for the SIG. Sign up if interested or contact him through the Special Interest Group page on our website.

Our general meetings will continue to focus on topics of universal interest.


Marlene commented that minutes of each meeting are e-mailed to members within a few days; however, if members havenšt received the minutes within a week, they are always posted on our website.

Bob Pelletier asked that we correct the November minutes. He was able to get free financial software from Bank of America, not BankOne.

Question: How do we forward e-mail if using RoadRunner? Members tried to use http://www.e-mailanywhere.com free from RoadRunner but weren't successful.
Response: Use Hotmail from http://www.msn.com and set the Option to download POP Mail. This allows access to your mail anywhere, from any computer.

Question: Has anyone using RoadRunner experienced porno popups?
Response: No

E-mail protocol: When sending messages, please use the blind copy ("bcc") feature so e-mail addresses are not visible to those to whom the message is being forwarded.

Please "strip" your forwarding messages of all "fwd..." You can do this by cutting these from the message before sending on.

The following links were submitted by members. The first two links may be used to determine if an e-mail subject is a hoax.


The third link is to a source for refurbished ink cartridges. A caution was expressed that these cartridges may nullify the warrantee on your printer.


Respectfully submitted,

Marlene Lazzara

This page was last updated on 08/22/02