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WNCC Meeting Minutes

April 9, 2001 Meeting

Twelve members attended the meeting which began at 9:30 a.m. at the Waccamaw Library.

John Wyckoff opened the meeting. Jack Harrigan arranged a special meeting for
all Willbrook residents on April 16 for the purpose of hearing from
Time-Warner reps Larry Michalec and Kathy Weiss who will describe
Time-Warner's Road Runner and digital cable TV access. These will be
available to Willbrook residents shortly. Also in attendance at that meeting
will be Frank Cody and/or his representative, Susan Prendergast. Clem
Thoennes will send an e-mail with full information about the meeting to all
Willbrook residents (who have an e-mail address).

Minutes Marlene Lazzara asked if there were additions/corrections to last
month's meeting. There were none.

Web Page Construction Clem Thoennes used the lcd projector as he discussed
creating a personal web page. This helped participants visualize the steps
as Clem demonstrated the process.

Reasons for creating a personal web page include:
Web publishing is an outlet for your creativity which can be seen by a
group of people or the world, depending upon your wishes. Your personal site
can be a family forum or you may share your ideas with Internet users

Web publishing can allow you to become a contributing member of your
community. Clem described how he has set up a site for the Knights of
Columbus as a method of communicating news and also to help recruit new
members. Websites can be used as a real-time newsletter.

Software such as Netscape Composer and Frontpage allow a designer to publish
on the web without having to know the HTML (HyperText Markup Language) that
enables various computers to communicate with one another. Many of these
software packages are inexpensive and relatively easy to use.

Consider the audience as you create your website. Preview as you work to
ensure it is readable. Criteria to consider include whether you are using
color appropriately, whether the text is large enough, and if the font style
you've chosen is a standard font which can be read by most computers.

SAVE as you complete each step in the process. You may want to set up a
folder with a descriptive name so you remember where your file is as you
continue to work on it.

There are many sites which allow you to copy graphics to your site, even
though they have a copyright. Read the "fine print" at each site since there
is usually a request that you credit the originator of the graphic; be sure
to include the originator's name and create a link to his/her URL on your
page if this has been requested.

You can include an e-mail guestbook to enable readers to respond and a
counter to enable you to see how many people have accessed your site.

Step-by-step instructions for creating your personal website can be found at
Clem's site:

Question/Answer Period Bob Pelletier suggested taking advantage of the free
family site if you use AOL 6.0. You can use this to create a family photo
album which can be a password-protected site so only those readers to whom
you have given a password will be allowed to open the website. There are
many other sites that offer free web publishing. Call or e-mail Clem for
other sites. He uses Tripod.

Discussion Several possible agenda items were discussed: browsers,
shareware, features of your word processor. We were encouraged to invite al=
Willbrook residents to come to the computer club meetings. Please call John
Wyckoff, Jack Harrigan or Marlene Lazzara with comments, questions and/or
suggestions for future meetings.

Next regular meeting will be Monday, May 14, 9:30 at the Waccamaw Library.
Agenda topic: browsers. Remember the special meeting Monday, April 16 where
we will hear information about Road Runner and digital cable tv from the
Time-Warner reps.

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