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For information about a SIG or to join one of the SIG's, contact the SIG Chairman. To send an e-mail, click on the Chairman's name.


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SIG Chairman
John Eveleigh



Genealogy SIG objectives are to provide a live forum at which members can share experiences in computer related genealogy research. It is hoped that the scope will include demonstrations of specialized genealogy software, methods of on-line searching and useful on-line sites, and real-life experiences of members in using computer related resources in their research. 'Informality' will be our buzzword; 'sharing' our standard!

See the Meeting Information page for date and time of the meetings.

The next Genealogy SIG meeting will be in October.

Introduction to Genealogy


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SIG Chairman:
John Wyckoff

This will be a forum for members to share new products, experiences, ideas, problems, etc. It will cover any hardware, software or internet resources that relate to doing digital photography; i.e. taking pictures, down loading pictures, scanning pictures, e-mailing pictures, insert pictures in a website, printing, web albums, organizing pictures, etc.

See the Meeting Information page for date and time of the meetings.

At the June meeting, Mel Smart did a demonstration on downloading photos, set up albums, creating different picture formats to print and cut up. Mel went to a lot of work bring all his equipment to the meeting and also showed the group how it is all set up. He also discussed and demonstrated his USB 2 hub. Mel did an excellent job and even though there was a small group in attendance, his demonstration was very much appreciated by all. Much thanks to Mel for a job well done!

Look at Photography SIG Topics for the April meeting topics.

A must see websites

This website  http://www.shortcourses.com contains short courses on a variety of related subjects; how do I do that?, editing digital photos, choosing a digital camera, using a digital camera, digital video, etc.

http://www.photosig.com is a website photography lovers will appreciate. There are galleries and discussion forums on this site. Works and commentary are featured from photographers of all levels. You can submit your own critiques and photos.

http://www.photo.epson.com is free website for displaying pictures and making them available for others to view.

Informative Books

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Digital Photography
Barnes & Noble - $24.99
Alpha Books
Author: Steven Greenberg
ISBN: 0-7897-2109-0

Easy Digital Photography Circuit City - $29.99
Abacus Books
Author: Scott Slaughter
ISBN: 1-55755-364-5

Website Design

SIG Chairman
John Wyckoff

The Web Design SIG can focus on all aspects of web page design, languages, (HTML, JAVA, CGI, etc.), page layout, graphics, music, web rings, and other available features for the site (counters, guestbooks, etc.), design programs, etc. See the Meeting Information page for date and time of the meetings.

At the May meeting, John Wyckoff demonstrate the use of Microsoft FrontPage to design of a website. He showed the rich functionality and flexibility of the program. Although it possible to get into coding HTML with FrontPage, the web site John demonstrated was designed with out getting into coding at all.

See the Meeting Information page for date and time of the meetings.

As was discussed at prior meetings, even if you plan to use a graphics editor to design your web pages, it is extremely helpful to learn a little about HTML. Try one of the following websites to learn some HTML:

HTML Clinic

An Interactive Tutorial For Beginners

Writing HTML - a tutorial for creating web pages

HTML Goodies

There are many other website to help you with HTML. Use any search engine and type in "Learn HTML".

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