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September 10, 2001 Meeting

John Wyckoff opened the meeting at 9:30 a.m with a welcome to all the new members. There were 50 people in attendance.

John gave a brief introduction to the club, which was begun last fall for the Willbrook community. After several months, it became clear the club needed to expand and it was opened to everyone living on the Waccamaw Neck. Our goal is to have fun with computers.

Jack Harrigan suggested a continuing goal is to have members share their expertise, their favorite links, ideas for presentations, and recommend speakers to talk to us.

John suggested looking at our website, http://wnccsc.tripod.com/ where you can find minutes of past meetings, how to join, Clem Thoennesı online lessons. We are endeavoring to make our website helpful to all members. In the future, we will be adding favorite links suggested by the members. Also, we will soon post a survey asking for volunteers to act as resources for our members. If you have a particular expertise and are willing to help others, or do a presentation for the club, please let us know. We hope to provide information and keep our website current; we can only do this with the help of all the members.

Future meetings:
October: Looking for gift ideas for your children/grandchildren? Want to know what's "hot?" A representative from Circuit City will talk to us about the latest in peripherals, pdas, and software.

In November, Mel Smart will share information on LinkSys and phone service. Also in November, Cathy Singleton from Coastal Federal Bank will talk to us about pc banking, its pros and cons.

Feature presentation:
John Wyckoff used the lcd projector provided by the Library to do a presentation on spreadsheets, using Excel as the demo application. He reminded us that the concepts he talked about are those found in any spreadsheet application, although the menu descriptors may vary. He covered basic concepts: alphanumeric, formatting, relative and absolute values, formulas, sorting, and printing. After reviewing these concepts, he created a spreadsheet to amortize a $10,000 loan for 12 months, thus actually demonstrating the concepts. Clem Thoennes showed us how to create graphs, using the data.

Members suggested some uses for spreadsheets: tracking loans; keeping a list of names, addresses, phone numbers; daily/monthly/yearly calendars; tracking magazine subscriptions; tracking organizationıs membership dues.

Favorite Links:
Following the presentation, members presented their favorite websites to the group. The WNCC website will have added to it a Member Favorite Links page. This page will include the websites presented.

Members had interesting questions, many of which were answered by fellow members. These include:
How do you copy a chart from the Net to an application on your computer? Open an e-mail attachment with WordPerfect.

How can you find out who is pinging your pc? Clem Thoennes will send us an address which indicates the address, but not the name, of the perpetrator.

How do you open a WordPerfect attachment? SAVE to a file, then open with Word.

How can you get rid of a virus that you cannot delete? SAVE AS a file, then open with your application program and delete. Remember to update your virus protector, e.g., Norton's, McAfee, frequently.

Members recommended local technology resources they've used:

A-Soft Computers, Inc.
Murrells Inlet
Tel: 357-2500  Fax: 651-9956
Website: http://www.a-soft.com

Tel: 546-8400

One on One
Joe Thibodeau, Microsoft Certified Technicians

Garden City
Tel: 357-6743  Fax: 357-2692
Email: jhtjr@gte.net

Knowledge Base - John said we will be developing a survey to be posted on our website asking for volunteers who can be available to help answer questions and act as resources for our members. He'll create a link on our homepage to these volunteers in the future.

Next meeting: Monday, October 8, 9:30 a.m. at the Waccamaw Branch of the Library.
Agenda: Hardware and software gift suggestions from Circuit City.

Remember to bring your favorite links, and bring a friend. See you all October 8.

Respectfully submitted,

Marlene Lazzara

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