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October 8, 2001 Meeting

John Wyckoff began the meeting at 9:30. There were 35 members in attendance including six new members.

Sue Dzuris, technology teacher at Waccamaw Elementary School, described the classes she offers for adults. These classes are sponsored by Georgetown County Adult and Community Education. She teaches a variety of classes ranging from beginning Microsoft Word to advanced Excel spreadsheets, Power Point , scanners, the Internet, troubleshooting your computer. Classes are one hour and the fee is $10 per class. You may register at the school. John Wyckoff will post the class offerings on our website: http://wnccsc.tripod.com. Sue’s e-mail address is sdzuris@gcsd.k12.sc.us.

John mentioned that we are going to formalize the WNCC organization. He asked for volunteers to work on a nominating committee and the Constitution & Bylaws. John also presented an organizational calendar. Rosalie Spaniel and Tom MacDonnell volunteered to work with Marlene Lazzara on the nominating committee. Charlie Ferguson, Bo Long, Aaron Willis and Rosalie Spaniel volunteered to work with Jack Harrigan, Marlene Lazzara and John Wyckoff on the Constitution & Bylaws.

Prior to the November meeting John will send an email containing the preliminary Constitution & Bylaws to all members for their review.

At the November meeting candidates for election in December will be presented to the membership and we will have a general discussion on the Constitution & Bylaws.

Prior to the December meeting, the committee will finalize the Constitution & Bylaws for the membership vote. John will e-mail the finalized version of the Constitution & Bylaws to all the members and ask all members to vote for officers and for the Constitution and Bylaws using an election form on the WNCC website. The nominating committee will review the returns and count the votes.

The results of the election will be presented at the December meeting. The WNCC Constitution and Bylaws and the officers will become official at the January 2002 meeting.

Freddie Evans and Craig Maxer from Circuit City were our guest speakers. They presented ideas for gift giving/new technologies. They shared information about the new Windows XP operating system which they assure is "bug-free" but requires 256M RAM. They also reviewed CD-R and CD-RW disks which allow users to download music, photos. We also heard about digital cameras, cell phones, and broadband services. Circuit City does not offer services for these technologies; they do sell the hardware/software.

John Wyckoff presented the results of the member survey. The survey results will be included on the WNCC website.

Because of time limitation, the favorite link and question and answer portions of the meeting were cut short.


Respectfully submitted,
Marlene Lazzara

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